Dangerous Page

dragonOk, let me tell you: You landed on a page that is very dangerous!

This page is specially designed to take you out of your comfort.

It will wake up all the monsters inside you, and you will have to deal with them. It is up to you, to stay and fight or to run away.

There is this beautiful princess or handsome prince (your talents) that is captured in the castle. If you want to be with him/her and enjoy your living happily ever after, you have to release him/her from the guarding dragon.

Are you going to do this big step or will you leave him/her there forever?

Are you going to enjoy your life with him/her or will you stay in your comfort of living just a part of your life, without passion, without purpose, without the best part of you?

Oh, I forgot to tell you, this page has also something else that is scary:

It has support.

Here you will find the support for fighting the dragon, a support that you don’t find so easily since most people around you never fought a dragon.

So what do you think, shall we go for it?

About sensitivity

Many sensitive people are struggling with every day life, with emotions they cannot control, with physical stimuli that seem to be beyond their ability to cope. Ever since they remember they hear words like “you’re too sensitive”. So it is normal to have the belief that they are full of issues and not worthy, and all ideas that  naturally  come to their mind are judged as wishful thinking of a dreamer. The truth is that these “dreams” are really valuable insights and ideas that can profoundly help them and the world to progress.

Sensitives are not victims of their nervous system. They are gifted humans who have a lot to offer to the world.

We are all here to serve the world in one way or other. And being a servant is not a small thing. Stable people are serving the world with  their stability, with not allowing big changes to happen for which the world is not ready, thus balancing the dynamic energy and the fire of sensitives.

Sensitives are the ones who open the doors to more possibilities, who break the rules that are not offering them anything any more, who push the limits. They expand and enrich knowledge, art, science, and spirituality. They have a complete picture and the final result in mind. So they can envision as already done whatever others think is impossible.

So if you have in mind wonderful ideas about the world  while everyone else tries to convince you that they are not possible, just don't believe them.

Let me help you uncover your abilities and strengths, and enjoy a life full and complete.