Are you ready for coaching?

Read the following statements and ask yourself if they are true.

  • I am healthy and in balance, I just feel stuck right now or I want to move forward.
  • I am ready to make real and positive changes in my life.
  • I can feel my perfection and I want help to uncover my real strength.
  • I know that my obstacles are not real and I want to set myself free.
  • I want to find my purpose in life.
  • I want to feel good and fulfilled and I understand that this is independent from the conditions.
  • I am ready to move forward and achieve my goals.
  • I am seeking for more fun and enjoyment in my life.
  • I know that I have the right to have someone on my side and I am ready to enjoy the support from my coach.

If you don’t agree with most of these statements you are just not ready for coaching. You still have beliefs and ideas that are going to sabotage you if you try to do big changes. Maybe you need help from a specialist, like a psychologist or just more time to get ready. If you start now most probably you will drop it soon.

If you are not sure read some good self-development books and see how do you feel.

Of course feel free to contact me and ask for details.


If about half of the statements represent you, Life Coaching can help you shift your beliefs about your life and yourself. You still have to accept that you have much more value than you think you have now. You can also be helped to take more responsibility for your life by understanding that life is in your hands and not just happening to you.

Call me to find out together the possibilities. Changing beliefs is half the way to living the life of your dreams.


If you answer yes in most of the statements you are ready. You can take responsibility and move on. You are ready to use help and support, and benefit 1000% from them. You are ready to make your dreams come true. So just do it.

Call me to talk about it and I am sure that it’s going to be a very interesting and exciting discussion.