For Passion or for Money?

For Passion or for Money?

Srully Blotnick, Ph.D., made a survey to find out what hapened to people who decided to 'go for the money'.

Srully studied the career choices and financial success of 1500 people, who were divided into 2 groups,

Group A (83 percent of the people in the study) chose a career because they believed they could earn a lot of money doing it, Group B (17 percent of the study group) chose a career because of their passion and desire for that work.

Who do you think made more money? Twenty years later, 101 of the 1500 had become millionaires. One hundred of them were from Group B, those who made choices based upon passion.

Only one millionaire was from Group A, those who chose their career to make money. Dr. Blotnick concluded that the majority of people who became wealthy did so because they found work that absorbed their attention. Their 'luck' happened because of their passion.

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