Fear of Success; is that a joke?

Fear of Success; is that a joke?

  fear1I’m afraid it’s not. This is what most people are suffering from. I know, it sound absurd but it’s the most common reality in this world.
How does it appear?
You can see it on many people, or even on yourself:

  • - As self-sabotage, when things seem to go right you will just do the “right” movements for ruining everything,
  • - Burning the bridges that can connect you to the people who can help and build stronger connections to the ones that will keep you down on the ground,
  • - Procrastinating and avoiding everything that can give you results, no matter how pleasant or easy these actions can be,
  • - Keeping yourself busy with unimportant activities,
  • - Judging and rejecting ideas and thoughts that can have a positive influence in your life, usually with the excuse that they are not cool enough,
  • - Starting always from the beginning, like inventing the wheel every single time,
  • - Trying the same things again and again, even if you saw for thousands of times that they fail.

Now where is this fear coming from?
Most of it comes from the need for security and approval.

Of course you can ask me, isn’t success the best way to be secure and approved?
Not for the mind, not for the programs running in the back of the brain.

You see the experience for a child is that if you succeed, let’s say in the school, you are special, therefore not like the others, therefore alone.
If you prove smarter than your parents they will be scared and they will leave you alone.
If you go high there is nobody there, and in most of the cases this is true about the people of your environment.

Mind is powerful, more powerful than anything else in this universe. So if you really want to succeed don’t underestimate its power. Take it on your side.
No matter what people say that you need to work hard in order to succeed this is not the truth. The only way to success is to understand your thoughts, to read your mind, to recognize your hidden purpose, the one that gives you the fear and the guilt for every nice thing you achieve.

The only way to success is to open your eyes and see what is out there, but first you need to learn how to look!



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