What is your today’s reason for avoiding life?

What is your today’s reason for avoiding life?

rusty windowIs it still the finances?
Are you too busy? If yes with what?
Do you have to take care of someone who needs you?
Are you afraid?

I think that’s it. You are afraid of being exposed to judgment.
You know very well that everyone who comes out to live is exposed to judgment. If you are alive and in motion you are a target.
Do you prefer to keep hiding pretending to be dead in order to be safe? Is this a way to be safe?
Do you know who is judging? All these people who are afraid to live their lives, and stay aside looking at you with envy. Hating you for your being active.

Just use common sense. Either you will come out and live your life fully, expose yourself to pleasant and unpleasant things of this world, enjoy your power and your inspiration, get the benefits of this aliveness, or you will hide behind the curtains waiting for a safe moment to come out, a moment that will never come, or if it comes you will not take it because at that moment you will not be ready. 
Result? Other people live, you not!

Let me tell you something, you are not sensitive for nothing. Sensitivity is not your problem it’s your power. And no matter what they tell you about it, if you believe them the trouble is yours.
The power of your senses and your emotions are your tools to feel and understand the world better. You have the gift of being connected to the world. You have the gift of feeling every aspect of life.
And if all these feelings are still overwhelming, let me help you get in touch with them. You will see that they are your friends and not your enemies.

So are you going to enjoy your unique gift of sensitivity or you will avoid living again using it as an excuse for defending yourself?
If your decision is “YES, I will live this day, and the next one, and the rest of my life”, then send me a message to discuss how can you remove the small obstacles that you see as mountains.

And another thing. Do you know how many people are waiting for you to come out and inspire them? You will never find out unless you open this curtain.

Come out and live fully!



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