Clumsy truth

Clumsy truth

crowdThere are people who tell the truth but they don’t have the speaking abilities of a professional speaker, a politician or a lawyer.
We don’t pay much attention to them and if we do we take care more of their abilities, or rather disabilities, to speak than the content of their message.

It’s more likely that these people will tell the truth, and the reason is that they don’t try to promote their style; they don’t make an effort to advertise their value they just offer it.

Most of them are highly sensitive people who feel the urge to share with the world their insights and wisdom. And in the way of thinking of many sensitives, sharing does not need style. Often they feel lonely, ignored and sorry for the world because they are sure about the value of their message, but very few listen to them.

In my opinion, the reason the professional speakers exist and need to speak in a perfect way is because we are not ready yet to listen to the content of the message and we stay on the surface. That’s why we believe more easily someone who tells lies in a wonderful way than someone who tells the truth or offers valuable information, even in a clumsy way.

Another reason is that although the truth is pleasant is not always accepted, because it does not promise fake hopes, it is asking us to act. But if you listen with open mind it is more pleasant than the truth of the politicians or the media. It gives solutions instead of excuses for having problems.

Some may ask why do I consider the truth as being pleasant? Because when I say truth I don’t mean the aggressive judging and accusing “truth” that tells us what goes wrong and who is guilty. I am talking about the truth that gives us information on how to move to a solution instead of staying in the problem forever. The other one is not the truth, it is the realization of what was going wrong up to now, but does not give any information on how turn this wrong to become right.

The real revolution will happen when we learn to listen equally the trained speakers, who learned how to speak but sometimes they don't have much to say, and the clumsy truth tellers who may have no style but often have a lot to share.



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