Sensitive Children

 sensitivechildrenAbout the same percentage as grownups, if not more, the children can be sensitive. They also have the nervous system functioning differently and reacting to stimuli in a different, faster and more intensive way.


Sensitive children do not share a common characteristic in appearance, but you can recognize them because they act differently. They tend to be demanding as babies, since they feel everything very intensively they react and ask for comfort.


As children, they need more time to connect with the environment.

For example, an average child, with an average nervous system, will walk into a room, notice the people in it and maybe the furniture, and begin to investigate and interact. On the other hand, sensitive children, with their finely tuned nervous systems, will walk into the same room and notice, not only the people and furniture, but the general mood in the room, the feelings of the individual people in it, and anything particularly unusual or noteworthy about the room. Because it will take longer for them to process all this information, they will understandably take longer to investigate or interact.


This is also the reason for shyness, hesitation or even hostility to something new. Often they feel something we don’t, and they react to this.


Some sensitive children need more time to develop. The personality doesn’t grow as fast as the others, and the age of 6 or 7 years old that they go to school is usually too early. The result of this is that they seem to be not so bright, not so smart and not feeling good in the environment. Other children can be mean to them because they think they are stupid.


Unfortunately in many countries the parents have no option because the state forces them to bring the children early to school.

Many appear to have ADD or ADHD according to their character. This is also not a sickness, it’s not a disorder, it’s just that their mind is under-challenged, and they get bored. So they cannot focus, like you cannot focus on someone who is talking for hours about…nothing.

Sensitive children have ideas that sound strange of funny about the world. They will ask the most uncommon questions, because they observe the most uncommon details. If they feel rejected or judged for this, and this is happening often in the schools, they will try to hide this ability, they will try to be “normal” so they can fit. When a sensitive child with powerful mind and nervous system tries to fit in a common way of life and thinking is like using a huge engine on a tiny car. It is going to dysfunction and maybe burnout.

How to treat sensitive children? Never try to hide them your thoughts. They understand that something is hidden. Be honest and for whatever you don’t understand ask them or accept it.

If you try to correct them you will create problems. Sensitives don’t fit in the suit of the average people. They get unhappy.

Let me support you on dealing with your sensitive child. Maybe there is also a sensitive child inside you that has not being satisfied yet and you need to accept it and make it happy.

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